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Voltage Cable Co. Lifetime Warranty Terms 

Welladsen Bros Pty Ltd ABN 97 627 265 454 T/a Voltage Cable Co. Warranty terms 

Firstly we'd like to thank you for purchasing, using and representing Voltage Cable Co. hand made products.

Our products use the finest components, designs and local workmanship. We hand solder every cable using Cardas USA silver solder in Sydney Australia. We endeavour to build our products to the highest quality.

All cables come with a Lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty means that all hand made Voltage Cable Co. cables are guaranteed for as long as the company is around to conduct business and meet the following terms outlined in this statement.

Our warranty procedure is to replace in full all cables that show signal fault, major fault due to manufacture error or component failure.

In the case that fault does occur, all cables are NOT to be opened up, modified, tampered with and or repaired at all by the store, foreign technician or customer who purchased the cable.

For the full warranty to be granted we require all faulty cables to come back in their original form. If a Voltage Cable Co. cables come back to the shop with signs of being tampered with warranty will not be honoured.

Warranty will not be honoured if the products have been subject to gross abuse and or misuse inclusive of non intended use purpose. Eg: if the cable is used to tow a car OR if the cables are used to swing from the rafters on a stage it will not be covered.

This judgement is to be determined by registered re-sellers and also the Voltage Cable Co. quality control technicians upon receiving the faulty cable.

Receipt of purchase is necessary and registration of products is encouraged.
All warranty claims are to be submitted and notified to the following email - Music@voltagemi.com