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Big Bends Nut Sauce

Big Bends Nut Sauce

Voltage MI distribution is proud to exclusively distributing Big Bends Nut Sauce products throughout Australia. We sell to a select number of guitar stores that can be found here 

 Big Bends LLC was founded in 2001.

In an “obsessive quest” to keep his guitars in tune, Jeff Massey (company founder) realized “friction” was the cause of virtually ALL tuning (pitch drift) problems. He found going out of tune while playing the guitar (or any stringed instrument) is almost always the direct consequence of “friction” acting upon the “fulcrum/pivot points of the floating bridge and the string bearing surfaces of the bridge, nut and string guides.

After 10 years of experiments and improvements in both lubricants and applicators, the Nut Sauce Filled Groove Luber, guitar tuning lubricant, was created. Today, Big Bends is still on a quest to bring the “Tech in a Tube” to every stringed instrument Artist, Builder and Repair Tech who has ever struggled with getting and staying in tune and breaking strings.

Big Bends manufacturing and shipping location: Plainwell, Michigan USA


Keeping your guitar tuned perfectly can be tricky, even at the best of times.  There are many things that can kill the tone of a guitar and one of the worst of these is grease or residue building up on the strings.  Add to this, the strings sticking in the nut, bridge, and string guides, as well as broken strings, and you have a guitar that grates on your nerves like a blunt saw.

Fear not, though…We have a solution for that.


Big Bends Gem-Tone String Wipes are the best way to remove grease and residue, while extending string life and tone.  Made from state-of-the-art clean room wipes.  This material is 100% non-linting (won’t leave any fibers on your strings) and has more friction than cotton for better and deeper cleaning.  Each wipe is pre-moistened with a new fresh smelling, non-foaming and highly effective cleaning solution. Just pinching the string and wiping it cleans both the top and bottom of the string, removing dirt and grease while leaving nothing behind.  Made in the USA.

Joe Satriani says…”Big Bends Gem-Tone Wipes should be in everyone’s guitar case. They will keep your strings sounding the way they should and help them last longer too.”

Nut Sauce is a special state-of-the-art lubricant that is the secret sauce to keeping in tune and eliminating string breakage at all times.  This special nut sauce is applied to the guitar’s nut, string guides, bridge, saddle, and pivot points.

Big Bends Nut Sauce is the perfect way to precisely apply lubricant at the exact place you need.  Your guitar is guaranteed to remain in tune, no matter how hard you strum the strings and yank the whammy bar.  Used and trusted for over 20 years by professionals the world over!

But you don’t need to listen to us tooting our own horn.  Take a look at some of the testimonials from guitarists and guitar techs across the globe.


Joe Satriani:  “Big Bends Gem-Tone Wipes should be in everyone’s guitar case. They will keep your strings sounding the way they should and help them last longer too.”

Joe Satriani: “Nut Sauce…works perfect”.

Will Ray: “I use Nut Sauce every time I change strings, on every guitar I own”.

Brad Gillis: “Love Big Bends Nut Sauce”.

Elliot Easton: “Instead of worrying about going out of tune of breaking strings on my Elliot Easton signature Bigsby equipped Gretsch…I can concentrate on playing the guitar…You are the champion of string benders and whammy shakers everywhere!”

Lee Dickson, Guitar Tech for Eric Clapton 30 + years; currently with Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters): “I use Nut Sauce every time I change strings!”

Brian Sateia, Guitar Tech with Alice Cooper band: “Don’t do a gig without it…”

Chris Kodjamanis (one of the UK’s top Guitar Techs): “Every time I re-string a guitar I use Nut Sauce. Have done so for years and will continue to do so”.

Cris Lepurage, Guitar Tech for bands such as: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Foreigner, Iron Maiden, Lady Gaga, Godsmack (to name a few): “I’m sure to use Big Bends Nut Sauce every time I change strings”.

Dave “Pops” Clements, Guitar Tech past and present bands include: Frank Zappa, Meatloaf, John Hiatt, Guns’N Roses, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Jay Leno, Beyonce, Jay Z, Megadeth, Paul McCartney and on and on his portfolio goes: “Nut Sauce – Used on a daily basis”.

Read More comments from additional Artists and Guitar Techs.

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